Worth it

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True friends know the real you. True friends value the friendship you have. True friends treasure memories built with you. True friends trust each other’s secrets. True friends will always be there with you, no matter what. True friends that will never be replaced. True friends are real, are original and rare. Where can you find people like them who never leaves you even though sometimes you have misunderstandings and fights? Where can you find people like them who never gets tired of your attitude? Where can you find people like them who never fails to make you happy all the time whenever you’re going through a lot of pain? Where can you find people like them who never forgets you even though you have each other’s priorities? Can you tell me where can you find people like them, who never used you after all?

Of all the boys that I’ve loved, all the heartaches, all the depression and stress, being too emotional for love life that I’ve been through, nothing can beat the strong relationship we have with my high school best friends. Nothing. Having my high school best friends is worth it. Having my high school best friends is the best among the rest. I’ve always consider them as my second priority in my list. They treat me as their family, which makes me the luckiest person in the world. We’ve known each other’s interests, dislikes, dreams and goals someday, stories to tell and every move we make for almost six years already. Almost six years that we’re very comfortable with each other, we can even say bad words directly with no bad intentions and not hot-headed, we can be frankly speak anything negative wherein no one else gets mad about it, it’s even better to scream it all out. In the eyes of other people, they see us, weird people. We don’t care at all their feed backs anyway. We’re having fun in this way.

Worth it. Worth it to have them. I’m very lucky to have them, honestly speaking here. Of all the wrong decision of movements, non stop complications in life and failed in decision making, they’re all here standing up, cheering and motivates me through thick and thin to make me realize that I should be strong in every trial and told me not to give up. Although, hearing all their comments hurts me but it helped me to stand on my own. See, that’s what true friends are. They may be busy at all times doing their obligations, but they never fail to make an effort to see you and comfort you anytime. You know they’re always here to lean on. You know what’s the essence of friendship now.


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