Why should I use VSCO cam?

First time that I saw Vsco cam app by the use of social media. Some people keep using the hashtag vscocam and vsco, I’m wondering why. What’s vscocam though? What was it’s purpose? I’m very curious to find the accurate answers for it. I can’t help it, so what I did was to search it through app store or even tried to search in google play store. There you go, found you! 🙂 It’s an application wherein you can capture any moment which can inspire by other people. By capturing every photo, you can use filters that can give enhancement to your photo, tools which you can adjust the brightness and contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, highlights tint, skin tone, sharpen, fade, shadows tint, tint, grain and vignette option to make your photos, a creative one.

VSCO cam, is now my first choice when taking a picture now, since the day that I discovered it. I’ve been addicted to edit my photos already. Filters and using tools option will never be obvious that I edited the photo which have been uploaded in my Instagram account.Using VSCO cam, it develops my skill in photography, loves to capture views like sunset, buildings, scenery, even when going to new restaurants,eating food which is new to me and everything which is colorful and an inspiration to everyone.

I didn’t regret using this application because I find it interesting and unique  which I would love to share to each and every one of you. I’m sure that you’ll like this! 🙂 I promise and I swear that photography will be your passion already. As one of the people who really likes photography shots, it brings me happiness and colorful life, being more inspired in continuing to see different views and artistic ones that I shouldn’t be missed! 🙂 Right? If VSCO cam is my top one favorite photo editor application that I always use for views and selfies. What’s yours?

2015-06-12 01.50.50 1

Processed with VSCOcam 


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