The 90’s kid Confessions


Hello everyone! Before anything else, I’m gonna introduce myself first. I’m Karla Melissa Blanquera Vilar, born in Makati,Metro Manila on September 02, 1992. I’m the type of girl who loves to eat pizza all day, I’m not gonna be exhausted though. I’m the type of girl who is addicted to coffee, most especially, mocha frappe, java chip frappe, iced mocha latte and iced coffee flavored, I can’t resist on that cause that’s my booster drinks to keep me awake the whole day. I’m the type of girl who is obsessed in reading fiction books, my top favorite books that I just read recently, The Fault in our stars by John Green, The wedding by Nicholas Sparks and My worst best friend ever by Dyan Sheldon. I’m the type of girl who can’t be disturbed by watching movies, Titanic, The notebook, A walk to Remember, The vow, Dear John, 22nd Jump street, The Hot chick, and The Mask, those were my top eight favorite movies, Love stories and Comedy kind of genre that I’m interested to. My only one tv series that I’ve been hooked up and excited to see on what will happen next,it’s the New girl, because it’s about friendship and love for family and friends although I can relate to what they’ve been discussing there. My color that I really, really love, is pink. I find it cute though. I’m the kind of girl who likes clothes. You really can’t talk to me that time when I’m in the clothes section because I’m too busy. HAHA! :)”

That’s just the first part. It’s time for me to open up on something 🙂 Here it goes.

I’m just simple, friendly, happy kid, understanding and thoughtful one. My close friends knows that but others can’t see and notice the good side of me. I don’t know why. It’s very disappointing, it’s fine with me then because I’m not forcing them to accept me who I am. They have different choices, it’s okay with me. If that will make them happy at the same time. Right? 🙂 This is me, I’m not gonna change for anyone just to accept me. Never! Who are you anyway? Can someone relate to this? My mind is still confused saying, tell me why. Please.

High school days, those were the times that I enjoyed my teenage life. Full of fun and happiness with your friends. In this scenario, like in a movie scene, there are two types of person, the good ones and the bad one, connecting it to the movie, some people hate us, our group in high school. We didn’t do something wrong that gets them distracted and annoyed. We’re just hanging out happily in the canteen, where we usually enjoy eating our favorite foods there, the typical high school students. But, of all the high school students in our batch, they are targeting us. What, are they insane? Some kind of childish act that I’ve noticed or some sort of to be talked about by people around us. I just really can’t get their point anyway. Honestly, I’m just being myself like my high school best friends. Is it wrong to talk to someone who is popular in the school? So immature. We didn’t cause any trouble because we wanted to graduate and we just focused on studying to get good grades rather than to communicate with the people which is non sense, worthless and worst thing is, wasting our time. That happened five years ago. Me, with my high school best friends are totally forget the worst night mare that we encountered. We’ve already moved on to that. We have different lives now. Agree readers? 🙂 When we graduated high school, we’re totally free! After one year, being a college student which is fast approaching. A new life. A new chapter again. Another four years. Glad that there are some people is approachable and comfortable to talk to. Feels like we’ve known each other for so many years. I’ve met some people who became a part in my life. I’ve learned to experience a simple way of happiness, by eating in a cafeteria kind of ambiance which has an affordable prices, by commuting in a jeep which was I don’t really have idea, how much will I pay for the fare. I’ve learned to be myself because of them. I thought of something, It is better to show who you really are.

Enough for the experiences encountered. This is the interesting part for some girls out there. Let’s talk about Love. How do you define love? How do you express your love to your special someone? Well, it’s time to  share my love stories, some brief summary of it.

Love, defines me like a diary. Full of ups and downs, full of unexpected surprises and full of colorful memories. That’s how I understand it. It drives me insane. A fairy tale love story that have happy endings. A princess with his prince charming, her knight and shining armor who is always there for her any time. But, it was all a big mistake, disappeared just like that and regret everything we had. It ended up, like there was nothing happened. Here’s how I defined love.

My love story is full of happiness from the beginning when I first met him. I thought that we will be forever. I thought I found the right guy. I thought he will be the last guy on earth that I’m gonna love unconditionally. Promises we made that someday it will come true. Then, nothing happened.  My love story is really colorful, at first. It was all just a dream though. It was beautiful and one of a kind love story of mine. I built my realizations, keep reflecting, based on watching love story movies, I’ve really learned a lot from it. Although, I regret it but I have to do this, and falling in love is never easy. Falling in love is part of my life and part of growing up. Right?

That’s just how my life goes on. The only way that I should do is to keep moving forward. Good vibes all the way.

The 90’s kid confessions, is not just about love problems and girl insecurities. It’s just about the right time to speak now, speak up what keeps bothering in my mind and what can really make me feel so relieved. Although, confession that I made here, is to make realizations of all the wrong moves that I’ve done.

Well,of all the worst things I’ve encountered so far, there is always a time to work things out, really. You should set your limitations with your loved ones. Take it easy. Don’t rush things,maybe one day, everything you have will be lost. Just be fair.


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