Music never stops






“I never really got tired of listening each track in their albums. It always bring positive vibe to all of the people and to all the fans out there including me, who never fall out of love, who always want to enjoy their moments, who never gave up on everything and who will be always strong in anything. Although, of all the songs that I keep on playing, I can relate to it, my past experiences happened which I’ve learned from my mistakes now, hanging out with my friends until the sun goes down and forget the ones who only knows how to break your heart. In the lyrics, while I’m listening to it, how I analyze all of it, is you should know how to let go of the problems in life whether its love or not, you should just run and forget everything which brings you sadness, friends can go with you until midnight which has no definite reason and don’t ever look down. Pretty sure that a lot of girls can reflect to their songs nowadays.”


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