Leave the past


There is always a time for everything. There is always a time for love. Love will find a way in the right moment and time. Love will test your trust which is the most important one. Love will test your patience in understanding for each other until the end. Love will see how effortless you are in showing simple ways of happiness you deserve to have. Love will see how patient you are in accepting his everyday agendas, his way of living, his attitude when there is no chance of changing it,his way of showing you how he really loves you although you didn’t know if he really meant it,his way of treating you right and his way of showing that his love for you will be infinite. The real question is, “Until when you’ll gonna prove to me that I’m your everything even though I know you’re really exhausted, sick and tired of loving me now? Did you love me the way I loved you? Did you accept me for who I am?”  There are full of excuses which I didn’t believe.

Love at first sight? Destiny? Forever and ever? You’re the only one that I loved? You mean a lot to me? I just can’t believe on that. I’ve heard it a lot of times already but what is the ending, we broke up. Those were the words that they always saying, I just want him to prove and show me how happy he is to be with me. I never felt that. It never did.

The past which I already leave it behind. The past wherein I’m already moved on. The past that will and always be forgotten. The past wherein I learned my mistakes. The past which taught me how to love right. The past wherein I should let go now. The game is over.

What should be the right thing to do? Just leave the past. Leave all those memories which only made you sad all the time. Learn to let go. It’s the perfect time! It’s just love. It’s easy to say this but love will be mysterious, you don’t have any idea when you’ll gonna feel the sweetness you’re expecting, the relationship goals you both promise to keep, the travel and food adventures that you both wanted to go, everything that you planned for. One last thing, don’t rush things. Don’t assume too much, it will break your heart. Promise! It will hurt you too much. Trust me.


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