Infinity ∞

“True friends are hard to find. Yes, of course! Nothing can beat the strong relationship of friendship.”

3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 7 years…, is just a number. It can’t be measured of how long you’re friends. What matters most is the presence, trust,time and love is there.

Conversations that never stop(talked about everything! which is why sometimes we went home late.) and endless laughter which reminds me of them always.

They’re the best companion that I ever had since the first day that I met and get to know each other’s interests.

Of all the things happened, whether good or bad vibes, they’re always there which I can count on to, even though they’re busy with some stuff, they still manage their time just to talk about it,if I’m fine or not. All of those words that I heard from them, it helped me to become a better one, to be positive thinker all the time and not lose hope in every challenge.

Glad they came into my life who will and should be treasured forever.


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