I love you, One Direction!


We have different wants, different choices, different genre of music and different top favorite songs. It’s a matter of category, which is the preferred ones and has that beat which is what you are looking for. My emotions of what I feel if I’m happy or not can be perfect for any song in my playlist, I’m carried away, actually. I can relate myself to that song, any song would do but that’s how meaningful their song was, it really affects me, it affects some of us spiritually and emotionally. When music is attached to me, my world is alive. That’s the reason why I love to listen party songs which brings good vibe and when my mood swing attacks, just playing sentimental songs and heart-broken kind of genres that makes me emote for just one day.

I wanna stay up all night and do it all again, Tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young, Baby you light up my world like nobody else, Everybody won’t steal my girl, everybody won’t steal my heart away, and when I’m in love with you and all this little things, Can we try one more, one more time, one more, one more time, can we try to make it all better, sounds familiar to you girls? All of the songs being listed in the four different albums released, are my favorite ones. Positive all the way! Although, some songs could hurt our hearts and reminisce the past.

Every time I play each song, it’s a catchy one which is a must be heard and must watch in the YouTube. One direction is such an amazing boy band ever! My one and only boy band ever! Being a fan and a follower in all of their official accounts in social media really made my day.

Whenever I’m busy doing my tasks wherever I go, I immediately go to artist category,I just simply click the Artist,One direction, of course! 🙂 Songs are in shuffle type in Spotify. It energizes me all the time. An obsessed teenage kid who desperately wants the band kind of feeling. But it’s true! It makes me inspire in every single day.

I’m a fan. I’m a huge fan of One direction. I’m not just inspired in every song they perform in any awards night, music videos released in YouTube, updated songs in Spotify and concert in different countries but also I’m very proud of their achievements in where they stand now, dreams and goals that finally came true.

I don’t wanna miss every happening of One direction, just simply visiting their website and check out their latest updates right now, where they are and what they’re doing. Wherever they go, any country they went to perform their concert, I can’t help it but to download the full version and watch it right ahead feeling like I’m also there, but it was not. 🙂

Knowing One direction and to be more closer  to them makes me feel relieved. I don’t know why, can’t explain clearly. The excitement is here! Oh my gosh! Decided to  have the book entitled, Where we are, Our band, Our story. I can’t stop wondering why, how and when did they all started. All the details and even their story of each member in the group are there before they are called One direction. Their story is one of a kind, an inspirational one and full of heart warming messages.

You really made it guys! 🙂 You deserve that happiness and enjoyment right now. Keep it up, One direction! I love you! ❤


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