“Hurt, Missing, Lost, Regret,Crying and Rejection is all that I’ve felt before. Hard to accept until it becomes a past, a past story which helped me stand up.”

Broken is not just about love problems. I can relate broken in different situations, it can be in friends or family matter.

In friends, there are many times that I feel broken. I think it’s part of growing up. Right? That’s how it goes. I know that I’ve made a lot of mistakes, they know that. Sometimes, because of what I did something wrong that made them upset, they never talk, text or even call me up. In that time, I feel rejected. I don’t know where to go. I feel lost like didn’t know what to do right now. Sounds dramatic for you guys but that’s how it happened, honestly. No matter how many times we fight,we cried and almost break apart,saying awful words which we didn’t meant,  in the end we forgive each other. I’ve been hurt many times, by the way of how they said the truth, in a frankly way. Truth hurts but it helps you to improve yourself. Even though there are many misunderstandings and cat fights, still thankful and grateful to have a circle of true friends, its like building your own self, feeling complete & forever committed. I consider them as my second family. When friendship is ruined, it’s over. It’s twice the pain than having a lover.

I have a piece of advice for you readers, having friends is okay. Even if it’s many or not, as long as you’re true to yourselves, as long as there is trust, good influence to you and secrets untold which is only between you and your group. Just be careful for the people you chose. When you feel like there’s something wrong when you’re with you’re friends, you feel nothing or they don’t like you to become one of the member in their group,then just leave. Find who’s true for you who will never gonna leave you, accept your weirdness and other stuff and make some simple stuff which makes you happy. 🙂

In another scenario, in my family side. In family, it’s a different feeling when I’m sad at the same time. I can feel it within, deeply hurts inside and out which always make me feel rejected.

I’m the kind of girl who’s very emotional. I cried a lot whenever they said something which makes me feel down. On their side, they find it funny. They didn’t even control their actions and words based on how they said it. I cried a lot whenever everything seems so unfair. That’s why I never opened up my love life or even my friends in college because I’m not comfortable telling all my updates, I just don’t feel it.

Only reason why I feel broken every single time.

To be honest readers, I’m not expressive to my family whenever I have problems. It’s either I share it to my friends or just keep it a secret forever. I’m the kind of girl who just let it all out then the next day, bright new start again and positive outcome. I don’t want to ruin my day so I just decided to make it productive one. That’s what I’ve learned from my friends. “Don’t let a bad day ruin your happiness” That’s true readers. Trust me.


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