Bluer than Blue

“Last year, last Christmas, I always wanted to look different. Just being myself.”

I always believe in their beliefs whatever it is. Honestly, this is my first time to obey what my siblings said to me, “Karla, you should wear blue shirt because that’s the lucky color.” I responded, “Okay, okay. I’ll change now.”

I can’t stop looking for the perfect top that I should wear in that night where I find it comfortable and must be color blue, of course 🙂

3545_10205280006712081_5915709116319154325_n (1)1937192_10205280006952087_3610601035941388128_n

Now, I just found my perfect match! Here it is! Wearing my favorite denim boxer shorts and a shirt with a green pocket in it and my favorite slip on shoes. Not that elegant, not even classy, simplicity brings it all. I just wanna be simple(although, depends on the occasion, right guys?).

This photo was taken in the 25th in December. I will give credits to my sister who took this pictures,thank you sissy for this lovely shots! ❤


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