How To’s?

Hello, once again readers and bloggers out there.

Just want to share a few techniques of how I post tons of photos or videos(but more in photos now! 🙂 ) in Instagram.

First technique, finding the preferred style, and I want to have a colorful feed in my profile.

Second technique, I used this most of the time, in everything, actually. Balance. That’s the most important. It’s true!

That’s only the two techniques that I’ve applied and it helps me maintain my feed goals 🙂

Another topic. How did I post or maintain my feed goals looks worthy?

Here’s how I post photos.

Perfectly balanced now. It’s colorful now. 🙂

Here’s what applications on editing all of my photos in Instagram.


Original photo

First, for blurring the background,exposure and healing(to remove all the certain spots in the background) I use Snap seed.



Second, for filters. I use,  After light and VS CO.Adding grains, leaks or dusts to add enhancement in the photo. I use, After Light.It’s unique! ♥



Filter used: hb1 


After light

Filter used: Bright Fire

Dusty: 1

Leak: 3

Here’s the result.

Do you like it?






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