Who Inspires me?

You want to know what’s the story behind in achieving my skills in photography and my #feed goals?

Here’s how it all started.

Eight years ago, that I’ve joined in Instagram. The reason was because I’m so curious what does it do and what’s it use. My high school best friend and my child hood best friend used it as one of their social media accounts. Well, in that time, Friendster is all I know. (who can relate? HAHA! ) 

Now that I made an account for Instagram, I’m still figuring it out. I keep asking myself, How I will post here? How I will add more followers? Then, after learning about all it’s uses.Next step that I did, was to post anything but I don’t know how to pose a photo, how it can have a great quality though and how it can fit into the grid of my profile. What I did was,I post five or six photos or video in every single day, some of my photos are only screenshots from the internet(I don’t care if it looks low quality or not kind of thing).

In other words, I don’t have a skill in capturing photos but, it’s alright with me than because I know it can improve. Right? 🙂

Whenever I saw some of my old posts in Instagram, I just laughed at it, nothing else( looking at those weird pose, full of screenshots of cartoon characters and quotes. Sounds really funny when I found out how I post and pose a selfie before, omg! Like a throwback!!! HAHA! )

Years passed, around 2012 until now. I started loving photography because I have an inspiration now and I’m influenced by my favorite bloggers, namely: David Guison, Vina Guerrero, Kat Valdez, Cha Ocampo, Vern and Verniece Enciso, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Rhea Bue and Dee Gee Razon.

So thankful that I’ve seen all of their different styles in posting and knowing all of their techniques was influential nowadays. Thank you so much my ever favorite bloggers here in Manila. Because of you guys, I became passionate in photography and composing blog posts simultaneously. You’re the best, guys! 

Because of them, I’ve achieved my feed goals. They’re the reason why my feed in Instagram are worthy pictures.

Here’s some of my posts which are Instagram worthy photos.



5 Replies to “Who Inspires me?”

  1. Hi KarlaMelissa. We have the same fav bloggers 😍 I loved Rhea Bue , Vina Guerrero, David Guison
    , Verniecenciso , Vernenciso and Patrice Averilla . They’re truly amazing in their IG. That’s why I wanted to have my own blog.

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