Movie Review

Whenever I watch a movie, there are two reasons. First, it should be an interesting one(based on the title itself) & Second, my genre is just all about romance and comedy. Simple as that.

There are movies which I can relate my story and even though how many times I keep playing it, doesn’t matter ♥

Here’s my list of my favorite movies that I can watch all over again:

downloadThe Hot chick : One of my favorite comedy movies that I’ve watched. Even though how many times  I keep playing this, it’s fine with me. I love the story of this movie because it’s all about friendship and family. It’s how they face a new challenge and different world of Rachel McAdams(Jessica), a girl who wants everything to be perfect.Since they’ve exchanged bodies of Rob Schneider(Max), the robbery from the story, steals money or anything from a person and convenience store. Everything’s changed. They both have no idea how it happened and finding an answer to her problem. They asked for help to Hildenburg who loves combining chemicals and Keecia who loves witch crafts to answer their questions and solution to their problem.The perfect time came and they found Jessica’s body in the club and gets immediately the other pair of earrings to make everything okay now and it happened.

Lesson here:

This is just my opinion guys 🙂 

What I love about this movie, it tests the strong relationship of friendship and how it can handle. 

Learn from your mistakes. 

If you’re not sure of what you’re doing, then don’t do it. 

Be friends with anyone who will influence you,in a good way. If they are bad for you, you should end up hanging out with them. If you didn’t know them that much, you better be careful. Don’t give your full trust, okay? 🙂

 The notebook

download (1)

This is the story of love, it tests you, it’s challenging on how strong and fight for your love and the most importantly, their trust. Two couples who were meant to fall in love until they grow old together. How sweet right?

Anyway, I just really love the story, the concept, everything.

It’s full of romance which made my heart melt and drama.

It’s my first time to say this in a movie, a must watch!!!

Lesson here:

If you found your loved one, make time and effort for him/her. Show what you truly feel. Just be yourself. Appreciate everything. The most important, trust.

Fight for what you feel inside. Don’t lose hope.

A walk to rememberdownload (2)

It’s a love story too. But, in a different flow. For sure, many readers out here can relate.

It’s based on the book by Nicholas Sparks.

Jamie(Mandy Moore), a simple girl who’s actively participating in their school, joins the drama club, tutoring kids every weekend and has an interest in planets, stars and comets. She has a strong faith in God. But, when she met Brandon(Shane West), the popular guy in their school. Everything has changed. Brandon changed. He didn’t spend quality time with his friends anymore  because he’s tired of being one of them.

When time passes by, to the point that they’re so in love with each other. Brandon didn’t expect what he heard from Jamie that she has leukemia. He immediately asked help for his dad.

The perfect time comes, he proposed to Jamie and they got married.

Sadly, in a few days, Jamie died.

Lesson here:

Sometimes, love is accidentally or unexpectedly. Sometimes, you just don’t see it but it’s already right in front of you. Don’t miss it! 🙂

Get to know him/her first. Take it slow. Know your limits. Okay?

If he/she’s yours, just be strong. Trust each other, because sometimes trust can change anything. That’s true!

Love is unconditionally ♥

500 days of Summerdownload (3)

A story of a guy named Tom who’s in love with Summer. Memories that they had is special for him and he can’t forget that. He really loves Summer, everything that they do together, even weird is not a problem at all. But, in Summer’s side, she just go with the flow. She loves Tom too but she’s confused.

Lesson here:

For me, memories and photographs is very important. You want to know why? Simply, because every moment you had together, wherever you go and whatever you do is all there and you can’t go back at those special moments happened. Instead, you can look back of all the photographs you captured together.

Just like Tom, everything is special. That’s the reason why he can’t stop loving Summer. He did everything to make their relationship work. That’s love, guys!

Mrs. Doubt fire
download (4)A story about family. For the fourth time, it’s all about trust and acceptance. Do you believe in second chance by saying sorry and to prove that it will not happen again? My answer is, it depends. It’s just that, only selected and to the people who deserve it. 

Okay, here’s the summary of the story based on my understanding 🙂

It’s a comedy and drama kind of movie for family and friends. 

The story was about a guy named Daniel(Robin Williams) who will do everything just for his wife and kids. Effort and time is all he ever wanted.

Even though, Miranda is always angry and keeps arguing with Daniel like there’s always wrong. But, Daniel is a happy person who just go with the flow, whatever happens. It will be fine. A lot of misunderstandings which can result to a divorce.

Sadly, but it happened.

Since Daniel is a talented person who can do dubbed voices of cartoon characters. He came up with a brilliant idea of calling to Miranda as an applicant for housekeeping to clean and someone to be there to take care of her kids. He keeps calling by doing different voices to make Miranda convinced and be hired to see them everyday. 

The last call. But, successful. He pretended to be a girl housekeeper as Mrs. Doubtfire. 

That’s all the story flows. 

Just a highlight. You should watch it! 

Lesson here:

Do everything to make it work. Don’t lose hope and be patient. Understand and Communicate is better. Whatever happens, family first. Know how to priority. Lastly, give a second chance and if it’s not deserving,then don’t. That’s it. 

  • The School of Rock

imagesA story of music. Dewey(Jack Black) who really loves rock. He wants to join in the battle of the bands, that’s why he discovered his students that they play different instruments. He starts choosing members in the band and teaches the technique in performing.

Lesson here:

Keep dreaming. Do what you love. Do what makes you happy. Whatever your passion is, you just keep on doing it. Don’t give up. 

  • The Proposal 
    A story of an editor assistant named Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) who never gave up to achieve his goal in life which is, to publish his book and his boss named Margaret(Sandra Bullock) who will go to USA, because of work thing. But, her visa is expired. This is the exciting part, she have an idea, she said that they’re getting married now. Guess who, and her editor assistant Andrew. They got married right away, although it’s just a pretend one. Until they’re falling in love with each other, deeply in love.

Lesson here:

If you want something, do it. Don’t use somebody for your problem. You shouldn’t stop chasing your dreams in life, dreams do come true. Not now but eventually, it will be surprising. Right?

  • Grown ups

Strong friendship built since high school. They met again when their coach in basketball died. They had a reunion where they hangout and do some things like before.

Lesson here: 

Friendship is the best! High school best friends are better because you’ve known each other for almost years and even though you’ve seen each other often, it’s like you’ve never seen for so many years. When I watched this movie, reminds me of my high school best friends. Remembered our bonding moments and never ending laughter.  


  • Twilight

Two different people who fell in love.

An ordinary and   simple girl who transferred in Forks high School. People know her because she’s a new student. She met new people named Mike, Jessica, Angela and Eric. Until, she saw Edward. She can’t stop looking to him every second. She can’t stop thinking about him that night. Third day of class, they were partners in their biology class and that’s the start of their conversation, the journey of their love story.

Even though,there are complications, they still fight for it.

That’s LOVE. ♥

Lesson here:

No matter what happens, go for it. Love will test you on how will stand for each other. In other words, fight for what you feel. If you know what’s right thing to do, just do it. 


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