The Sun is out:#KMtravels

Yes, of course I really, really,really love adventures. I know you do! 🙂 But, my favorite part is going to the beach ♥ Lots of fun under the sun, the view and lastly the sunset!!! ♥ I can’t resist. 

There are three reasons why I love this place, One, the paradise view of the beach that I would love to stare all day and night. Two, refreshing place to unwind and Three, love to walk all day to see their activities(new attractions to try), food restaurants to discover, mall to find a perfect outfit and beach essentials and bar lounge to party and dance all night.

No matter how many times I come back here in Boracay, I will always find it attractive and beautiful one.

I will be back. That’s a PROMISE! ♥

Now, I’ll show you the quick video I made ♥  

Suggest any videos to post? Kindly leave comments below 🙂

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