Bing’s Fong

Hey readers! 🙂 After posting some of my photo shoots or about my travel time. There’s a time for everything, right? 🙂 I will share a different topic for today and this is all about FOOD ♥ Yes, sounds exciting right? 🙂 

I love to eat all the time especially when I’m hanging out with my best friend. I would love discovering something new and different. In other words, I love to explore.

Whenever we have a free time, we immediately went to a different and new coffee shop or whatever restaurant it may be. Well, that’s our past time though.

My best friend suggested that their desserts was so delicious and I agreed to her decision and really excited for it. This place is called “Bing’s Fong” located in Binan,Laguna and in Taft, Manila. It’s a Korean dessert parlor and cafe.

Here’s what I’ve tried, Injealmee snowflake(in the right side) wherein there is bean powder,almonds and rice. My best friend ordered her favorite, Strawberry fruit snowflake and added dumplings, so perfect combination. Her cravings, satisfied 🙂

Guys, try this one! It’s absolutely good. Trust me.

Hooray for today! 🙂


Meet my best friend, Shang, my forever date when it comes to coffee or food  ♥


This is what we love to do and favorite pastime. How about you? What do you love to do?



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