Exposed: #Photoshoot taken by Shang

“My best friend, you have a talent! All of those photos you took,was wonderful! You’re creative. I really loved it ♥ Hoping to have more photo shoots with you,soon! :)”

Some people find taking a lot of photographs or even photography ones was so vain. That’s true but why not? Can’t we try something different? Different not in the sort of changing myself who I am, inside and out. Different in the sort of new discovery or should I say, developing my passion even more.

“Do what makes you happy”, exactly! I appreciate everything of what I’m doing right now. It’s not too late to reveal your creativity of what you really love to do and what really makes you happy at the same time.

Now, this time. I’ll be presenting my best friend’s photography. I’m just proud of her! ♥



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