Summer Paradise:#Funshoot with my bestfriend

“We’re like twins. We have so much in common. We always have that same weird ideas. We know each other’s deepest secrets. We’re always there for each other, no matter what.”

March 18, 2016, she went here in my house just to see me excitedly just like before. After our long conversations, it ended up in having a pictorial thing. Surprisingly, she didn’t bring any clothes for the summer for our unexpected fun shoot and I just simply told her that she can use some of floral dress in my closet just to fit in to the venue. Now that we’re ready. We take one to two shots using fish eye lens but it’s blurred. The result is not successful though. After that trial, we started the official photo shoot.



Yes, that’s my #bestfriendgoals ♥ I will give credits to my ever patient photographer of all times, who never gets pissed off or even irritated to me because of striking a lot of pose wherever we go, my Aunt Beth.



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