Forgive and Forget.

“I always have that instinct feeling. It’s pretty obvious when I just figured out that someone’s messing up with me which is unbelievable. Worst thing ever is that we’re friends and this is all I got in return or should I say, a favor. After all that we’ve been through, the friendship we had. That’s it?All I can say that,”People come and go.” I didn’t expect at all.( Too bad because we’re closer now. That’s my life! There’s nothing I can do about it 🙂 )

I met a lot of people in my life. There are people who became true from the beginning until the end(You know who you are). There are some people who just used me because they need something from me(That’s true! Oh, so high school). There are people who I told my deepest secret which I gave my whole trust and a promise that will never ever tell anyone(This was during my college days, realizing that I was just wasting my time that I’ve met the wrong people). There are people who really hates me just the way I am and I don’t have any comments for that though(I don’t wanna stress my life thinking all day what’s the reason behind it. It’s their problem anyway. Not mine 😁).

I forgive some people who deserves to be part of my life forever. I forgive some people but not having the same old routine when we became friends before(Trust is really important for me, as always). I forgive a lot and it’s a choice if it will be acceptable or not.

I forget easily the people who really didn’t deserve the friendship,which is already gone now. It slowly fades away but only the memories are still there which is the hardest part. I forget the people which I don’t feel the presence and I feel that I’m not belong(It’s fine! 😊).

I noticed that everything has changed now. Changes to start again, to stay positive all the time and should let go of all the bad vibes, that’s what I did. It makes me feel refreshing. It’s the perfect time to forgive because you did your part as well(atleast you tried 😊, not bad) and forget all the people who didn’t deserve you, another advice that I’ve learned from my friends, it’s effective. I promise!”


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