A thousand miles:Thank you,2015!

“This year, it was full of adventures. Moments that shows how glad I am that it happened. It’s priceless!”

2015, this year is full of challenges which gave me thrill that I can accomplish the tasks right ahead and full of good  vibes which is I’m very surprised that it happened, one thing I thought that it was, “Wait, am I only dreaming?” and bad vibes which gave me hope and strong enough that I can overcome all of it.

This year marks the countless days that I have spent with my loved ones who are always there beside me through my ups and downs, through my sleepless nights everytime I need someone ready to listen to talk about something to speak out,who will give me an never ending advices if it sounds offensive or not, whatever it is, as long as it will help me a lot to learn my mistakes,which can help me grow up,through making a lot of mistakes wherein each and everyone accepts and forgives me easily.

I consider myself to be called lucky because I met them, who never gave up on listening to my drama, who never makes me feel rejected, who makes me feel special and loved, who appreciates every little thing I do, even if I’m acting weird whether it looks annoying and distracting, they don’t care at all as long as they accept me whoever I am. I feel contented and complete when they are here with me even though they’re busy or not, they can always count on me and I really love that. I know, deep inside and wondering,”If some people hates me. So what? I have met a lot of people, but there are certain people wherein they showed me the real world, the real me inside and out and the real ones and not.”

Thank you for the love guys 💋



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