Once in a Lifetime

The best highlight in my college days ever was creating a music video(I thought to myself, okay, how will we start this one? Well,no idea though). Our professor in our multimedia subject said the theme of the music that we must apply,is a party song. Figuring out, I thought it was easy to suggest songs that could fit in the scenario of the music video that we will present. After the brainstorming of what song should be played in our music video,we ended up in a lmfao type of music which is party, the title was “I can’t dance”. Okay, we have already a song, check! 🙂 Next step, we should find a venue for the scenes, I suggested again, I said that it’s better to shoot videos in my previous school. Then they agreed to my decision which I really didn’t expect that they will respond to it right ahead. Another venue that we went, somewhere in santa rosa laguna. It’s perfect also for the other scenes there. Okay, finding a venue, check! 🙂 Next step, shooting. The leader and a director in our group, sets and points us when to start and where to start, but I find it difficult. I feel that I can’t do it but we have to finish this thing because it’s our project. Our leader didn’t stop teaching me of what act I must show. He never gave up even though I’m having a hard time doing this scenes until I got it.

We’ve been working this music video in three weeks before the final checking and presentation to all of the 3rd and 4th year students. We make it sure that all the scenes is being edited(adding effects is a must! To give enhancement). Some of us are doing the documentation to be submitted to our professor, so are tasks is distributed equally.

Okay, documentation is done. Music video is done also. Are you ready? Lights, Camera, Action!

Here is our music video presentation. Enjoy watching! 🙂

Definitely my favorite part in my college life! It was awesome working music video with you group mates. I really enjoyed it! ❤ Unforgettable experience, it’s a first!


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