What do you usually feel when someone gives time for you? Makes an effort just to see you right away? How do they make you feel happy? Is it worth the wait? 🙂 Let’s see of what’s my reaction when things happened unexpectedly.

This happened last year, May 11, 2014. After my summer class in physics 1(I didn’t failed in this subject 🙂 I just have to take this summer class so it will be easier for me to cope up with my major class in Fourth year, college.), my sister called me up and told me something. I thought it was an emergency but it’s not. Actually, what she said was, I should go home now, as in asap, because we’re going somewhere and I didn’t say no. So I left early after my laboratory work in physics. When I got home, they’re all prepared and ready to go kind of thing. I’m the only one who hasn’t pack my stuff to bring. After I packed my things to bring, I said, “Okay, Let’s go!” Sounds really excited, like a kid who wants something. 🙂 A bag of candies,perhaps. LOL!

This is it, we’re going to Splash Island which is located in South woods. I really love going to places like this. It’s fun! 🙂 Another moment. Another day to remember. Perfect place to relax with your friends or family. You’re gonna enjoy this one, I swear.

This is the perfect time to let go of the negativity. As I’ve always said, “The past has passed. Let it go.” Agree?

No matter what happens, being busy or not, as long as I’m with my family to spend my summer. Totally fine with me, promise! 🙂 The best summer so far! Feels so good to hangout with them like this. It’s just hard to explain what I really feel when this moment happened. The simple joys that I don’t know how will I express. Sounds weird for you, but never mind. 🙂 What I really wanna say is that photographs will be treasured forever. You can always look back to it when you remember those times which highlights the memories I keep forever and ever. But, bonding moments with my family is priceless and effortless. Unexpected ones coming. It’s very surprising! 🙂 A one simple click is meaningful and sentimental in a way that could possibly makes me smile every time I want to look all of it realizing how thankful and blessed I am that I have siblings who are very supportive, understanding, thoughtful and definitely loves me no matter how crazy and idiot I might be(laughing out loud! 🙂 ) To my parents and relatives(most especially my cousin, Tricia, who knows me too well) who never makes me down every time I made my decision. Okay, enough for my speech. It’s becoming more dramatic. It’s not a blog anymore( just kidding! 🙂 Sorry for making a long speech! ), what I’m saying is anywhere you go, with your family, on a vacation trip or not, as long as you’re with them. It’s alright because what matters most is the bond you built. Unforgettable but you enjoyed the whole day spending the weekend. It’s just different! Really different. Make each moment count. Remember that.”


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