What do you usually do when you have free time? Where do you go?Who are you with? Don’t spoil the fun! The moments shared is remarkable and it won’t be the same again since the day that it happened. Do you have an idea now of what it is all about that I’m going to post here in my blog? Okay, I’ll give you some hints to figure it out. Hint: A place where we can enjoy the moments with our loved ones. A place where some people used to celebrate their anniversary or any occasion will do. Some people consider this their favorite past time to spend the weekend. An enchanted place. 🙂

Today, I want to share again,another story to read, another story in my life which I can’t explain how happy I am to be with the people who never fails to make me smile even more and to make my story colorful enough. This moment is ours in the mean time. Thank you for making my day complete! This would be nothing without you guys, seriously. ❤

In our four consecutive years, of being a computer science student, we have a tradition wherein we are celebrating our college of computer studies days at the Enchanted Kingdom. We didn’t get exhausted in riding all of it once again. We’re just enjoying it all day. Never gets tired of walking and going to the different rides or arcade as long as I’m with my friends. More photos and more bonding time with them is amazing! This day is awesome!

We discovered new ride called air race, airplanes rotating in 360 degrees and 180 degrees. Looking to the people who tried it, I thought that I’m not gonna be dizzy at all. But, I was wrong. When it’s our turn to try their latest ride, it was like, oh my gosh! After our ride, I wanna have a drink and to calm in awhile. At least, I tried my best. 🙂 Definitely will be the last time that I’m gonna ride on it. (JUST KIDDING!) 🙂

Going to places like this, feeling like a kid again. The kid young at heart kind of feeling. Well, there’s nothing wrong to go to some places like this. Live while you’re young, always remember that! 🙂

The Magic Stays with you!

Meet my classmates 🙂


Hello Potchi! ❤

At Rialto

Same pose with belle. Isn’t it weird? I don’t think so.

Waiting for our turn. At jungle log jam.

Wet look! So cold.

At the ferris wheel. Seems that it’s not moving. HAHA!

Valentine date, February 06,2015 ❤

Our itineraries: Space Shuttle, Air Race, Rialto, Disco Magic, Anchor’s Away, Flying Fiesta, Jungle Log Jam and the finale is the Wheel of Fate.

It’s always a good time with my friends whatever happens and wherever you go, it will always be special. ❤


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