Brother Duties

“I love how my day ends spent with my two best friends for life! My two brothers who are very understanding in every story happened, supportive in everything I do, knows how to make me smile whenever they feel that I’m not alright, they always make an unexpected surprise, they really know me too well and I appreciate simple ways of happiness they showed me. It made my heart melt though. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have my brothers like them who knows my different side. To be honest, I’m acting like a spoiled brat to them whenever I want something that I saw in the mall which gave me lesson to know my limitations. I love you, my brothers! They know that even though I’m not saying it. They are my two boys in life who will never gonna make me feel upset except when I kept a secret and made something awful. In exchange to that, they taught me that it’s okay to act like that and it helped me. Thankful to have them, of course because I know where I can lean on to my dull moments. I probably do this often but this is the right time to say anything for them. Thank you for everything you did just to make my day complete! 🙂 “


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