Good times roll.


What is your favorite occasion all through out the year? Did you consider it special? An occasion which can’t be missed the happenings. An occasion which you can’t wait long to celebrate. An occasion which will be worth remembering.

Birthday parties which is my favorite part of all the occasions celebrated. There’s only one reason behind it, just simply because of non stop conversations with my friends or family in a place wherein we’re comfortable to hear every word they are trying to speak out, never-ending of expressing happiness behind every smile and unexpected surprises received from the people who are always there. Birthday is once in a lifetime occasion which you truly feel the presence of the people who gave their efforts to greet you and never fails to make you happy.

This photos were the ones that I liked the most in the party of my aunt Beth happened in August 9, 2015. Our relatives came, in my mother’s side, my cousins, my siblings,my friends and even my aunt Beth’s friends are here too. It was fun actually. I’m glad that my Aunt is very happy spending her day with her loved ones. She was speechless and tears in her eyes expresses how thankful and blessed it is to celebrate another month with her. She deserves the happiness she have. She deserves everything she have.

What an awesome day which is just ended, but it was all worth it. I wanna make my Aunt happy, always.


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