Mission Accomplished!

11923047_10204684741510823_856488982_nWhat do you feel when you accomplished your obligations as a student, when you reach the  finish line? Did you feel pressured when meeting the deadlines? What did you feel when you  graduated? Those were the questions which I can’t get over it.

Even though there is complications, lack of sleep and no time to eat. As one of the students before, when I’m going to school during my high school or college student was never been easy, I’m having a difficult time to manage all the responsibilities that I must submit to my professors/teachers the next day even though there’s a bunch of it, in the end I won’t regret my reward for it. Hard work paid off! 🙂

In the beginning of my life, as a fourth year student, five years ago. There are full of hard ships, challenges which you should give all your efforts, build your confidence and go with the flow, there is an exchange award which I deserve. Even though I face a lot of problems regarding to our batch mates, I don’t have much time for them because I didn’t go to school just to be insecure and trying to be fit in kind of kid,waste of time to talk to people who are non sense. I just focused on my studies. I need to strive harder to make my family proud! 🙂 That’s what I always thought to myself.

Graduation day, some of the people keeps gossiping about me why I graduated. I didn’t have to respond to that question anyway. On the day itself, in my graduation day, I’m the happiest person in the whole world! My siblings are supportive through all the way, they even make time just to celebrate and attend the ceremony with me. I’m very touched. Very sweet! ❤

After the day of my graduation in high school, now it’s time for college! New environment for me, new people in my surroundings, new friends, different schedules, different teachers now, I’m just thinking, “Another new day to begin with. But, how can I adapt here? Hoping to have friends with somebody. How’s tomorrow, it’s my first day of being a college student?” I’m bothered because maybe I’m not gonna enjoy my college here. But, it’s not. There are some people who are friendly, even though you didn’t know each other, some people will approach you and I just smile and said, “Wow! I’m starting to love this school. I have new friends now. Great day!” Then, after one month passed, some of my classmates are getting my contact number, I didn’t think of any reason why, but it seems that is their way of being friends with me until we built a group. Eight members wherein there is five girls and three boys. I never knew this would happen. So lucky! 🙂 We became closer until some of us, needs to leave now for good. Very sad, but we have to stay strong that we can still do it! Ended up in three until fourth year college students. Even though there are more homework, projects, quizzes, exams, hands on activities, research works and everything which is related to studying, we made it! Hooray for today! After all we’ve been through, now it’s officially finished! Congratulations to us! I feel relaxed now.

“Mission Accomplished! I made it until the end. I never gave up. I always let go of the negative thoughts, so it won’t ruin my day. Good vibes always! That’s the first thing to do.” 


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