Say cheese!

Whenever I saw a camera, either a SLR and a Digital Camera, I’m always ready to strike a different pose that I can do. But, my top favorite was, when someone captures me in a candid moment, although I know I look like crazy there but I’m excited to see the picture, when I found out that it’s a really nice shot, I always requested someone to take a photo of me as if I don’t know that you’re gonna capture me. In that angle, I really define myself who I am, which acts naturally.

Another KM diary again that I’m gonna compose for you. It’s just all about my outfit of the day or night or should I say, my photo shoots and candid moments spotted! 🙂

Inside or outside the house, on the school campus, any angle/side in the mall, on the park, on the beach and everywhere I go. I’ve always wanted to look at the camera, show how happy I am so, it will be easier for me to smile, laugh harder as I can, strike a pose whatever I can. Just one word that defines me, photogenic. That’s one of the reasons why my friends love taking photos of me because it shows how natural it is and just one tip that I’ve told them, is that they should be expressive, or just simply be you.

It’s my turn to show you, my photo gallery that I consider to be called, photo shoots/ outfit of the day kind of thing here. Selected pictures of the creative hands of my chosen photographers who guides me on how to pose and be expressive as it would be. Thankful to have them.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Photo taken by my high school best friend, Sharmaine. 
Processed with VSCOcam
Photo taken by my college friend, Francis Anthony.

DSCF0981Photo taken by my college friend, Thea.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Photo taken by my aunt Beth.


Photo taken by: Thea Rembon


Photo taken by: Erika Laylo


Photo taken by: Erika Laylo

The outcome says it all! Wonderful shots made.

When it comes to night events, parties of a friend or a family affair. This time, my outfit of the night photos by my loved ones.


My high school best friend’s debut,Joan’s 18th birthday celebration.


JS prom, school year 2008-2009.


Junior- Senior Promenade,School year 2009-2010.


Bea Gaviola’s Birthday Celebration.


April 10, 2015 celebrating my graduation.


Junior-Senior Promenade,School year 2009-2010.


Graduation ball, School year 2009-2010.


Going at Katrina Noelle’s 18th birthday.

There you go! 🙂 Those were the limited dates and a night to remember that I will never forget.

Every photo that I capture whenever or whatever happens. I treasure every moment even though it’s only an outfit of the day, photo of the day or even outfit of the night kind of post, I always thought of, “What if I didn’t go to that place anymore?” or “I want to reminisce today,looking that everything has changed.” Sounds like that., I have my own understanding of defining  photographs. Photographs will never fade because there are memories to keep and builds happiness.


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