Shoes is my first priority.

Girls are stylish and creative when it’s all about fashion. Girls have different random thoughts and opinions to speak up when choosing the right outfit which is the best that will be suitable for them and has a different taste of style regarding the combining of designs and color which brings an enhancement that will look absolutely perfect. As one of the girls,who loves clothes, dressing up is my weakness, on what to wear today for the party, does it look good on me?, is it okay?, my kind of questions when I’m going somewhere, in other words, I’m really, really confused. I don’t know, I have no idea which will look good on me. When wearing clothes, I have two reasons of assurance, first, I have to make sure that it’s very comfortable when I wear it the whole day and second, I have to make sure if it doesn’t make you look revealing and daring which guys will have the courage to disrespect you. That’s my tips for the girls out there. Remember that.

Okay, enough for that dress up thing rules and fashion trends. Next one that I will be discussing is also related to fashion but I want to focus with this one only, my four different style of shoes.

flip flops

flat shoes



The sneakers,which is the most comfortable to use with,anywhere I go. The flat shoes which defines my lazy day. The heels, which has a limited date/day, only used this for a formal events. The flip flops is the second foot wear that I really, really, really love! My all around because it’s best for everything. My choices of foot wear that I would like to use every single day. That’s my style. What’s yours?


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