This is real, this is the real “me”.


Some people always believe in sayings. I don’t know if it’s always true at all. One of the sayings that I heard most of the time, “Simplicity is beauty”. Honestly, this time, I really agree to that, because acting/showing simple things to other people defined of who you really are, inside and out.

When it’s come to being beautiful, I have other explanation for that based on my understanding. A simple and beautiful one at the same time, will be a blessing for you already which you couldn’t ask for more. You’re way too perfect now. Right readers? But, in the term, the word beauty is sometimes a different one,in many reasons that I’ve notice nowadays for girls. Probably,I would rather say, girl problems. They have insecurities in a way that they can’t resist at it. They regret on what they have right now, why they have it. I wish it could go away and they’re too envy just because they don’t have perfect figure or looks. Another thing, that beauty is defined for them, too much makeup on their faces which don’t look fine, actually, becomes worst. Beauty based on my definition of terms, should put a simple makeup that could look gorgeous which guys really like.

Now, it’s my turn to share my part on being simple and having a simple look that couldn’t change the old me. I’m gonna share again with you, readers when did I start what’s the perfect one to look,forever young.

Since 2010, when I’m in my college days, being a HRM student, I should always look presentable. Some girls said that I should put on a makeup, I will look pretty on it. At first, I didn’t want to try some girly stuff like that because it makes me feel uncomfortable. But, when I use it, looks perfect for me. Not an expert though but at least I know how to use those things before until now.

Five years from now, I love makeup cosmetics now,as in. When I went at the mall, I usually go immediately in the cosmetics section where all the girl’s essentials are here, became my passion, I guess. 🙂  Going in a party or any events, makeup is the last thing that I do before I leave the house. All in one cake powder foundation(maybelline), tinted moisturizer(Mary Kay),Revlon matte lipstick(fuchsia or orchid shade of color) and raspberry lip balm(the body shop),mascara(ester Lauder), that’s all I use, nothing else. I have other makeup tools here, used it sometimes when I want to. When I’m having a lazy day to put makeup, I would rather use a red lipstick only(Mac cosmetics), looks even complete. Ready to go, kind of thing. 🙂

With or without makeup, we’re all beautiful girls because it’s still you. Just be real, just be you. 

Whatever judgement they conclude, I really don’t care. I put on my makeup or even if it is not, I’m comfortable with that. Just being true to myself. This is still, me. I will never change for anyone. 

© Karla Melissa ♥


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