Perfect snapshot or not?


Hello readers,

I just wanna share to you my tips on how to capture photos, photography whatever term you used to call it.

Tip number 1:

Capture the important ones.

When you travel, going to other countries and you really really want to take a lot of photos in your camera. Just the unique one. The tourist spots, famous food restaurants and the colorful, attractive background which looks a creative artsy look.

Tip number 2:

Perfect match for your ootd

Well, it’s trending nowadays. Some people are vain, wanna look good and finding the right angle or side just to have a photo of the day post or should I say ootd/ootn kind of thing. Before anything else, look for a scenery, landscape, sunset views or any plain background that will match in your outfit. Actually, it depends on your outfit, if your outfit is printed all over. Your ootd must be in plain white background, you will look absolutely gorgeous. If your outfit is plain, then your ootd snapshot should be colorful, colorful like a paradise with so many flowers surrounded will look like a photoshoot already!  🙂

Tip number 3:

Be expressive.

Last thing before I forget, to look a perfect snapshot, you should smile better. Show how happy you are always, inside and out. But if you want a serious mode look, be fierce enough to look at the camera. If you wanna be sad looking, it will obviously be seen and explained through your eyes but your face must be look sad to be proportioned and balance in the camera.

Expressing your emotions can easily be seen through the lens of the camera. As one of the girls which always have the intention of taking consecutively shots of selfies, before I find the pose that I’m looking for, I’ll make sure that I’m in a mood to picture. Sometimes, I want to post my selfie in my instagram account but it seems that I’m not in a mood to express my feelings in that day which is the worst thing I encountered.

That’s the three tips that I wanna share for you, readers. I’m influenced by the bloggers that makes me feel inspired everyday and gave an awesome ideas that will bring the best in you.


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