Baguio Escapade.


Microtel inn hotel, baguio| 2009

Finally! We’re here at our destination. After the long hours of travelling, worth while the wait. Checked in immediately so we can munch food now and go to some of their famous tourist spots here. page 2

SM Baguio

First time I discovered a place which doesn’t need to have air conditioned. Well obviously, this place is too cold which you should wear that’s suitable for the weather. As one of the first timer, my brother and I walk around the mall to figure out, looking at their stores there.

page 1

Burnham Park

Our second stop where I found out that this place is perfect for your date. A peaceful one where you can be alone in a while.

page 3

Baguio Botanical Garden

A lovely place. Although I’m not that kind of person who loves flowers or different plants. But when we went here, I become more interested into it, which I find it kinda weird for me. I don’t know, maybe it’s a change for now. I guess so. 🙂

page 4

The Mansion

Wow! That’s really a mansion house for me. This is what I’ve been always dreamed of that someday I will gonna have one too. Well, as I was saying this house is so full of curiousity, wanna come inside but it’s not allowed.

page 5

The wright park

This place reminds me of myself when I was a kid. I feel like I’m in a carnival full of colorful things that gets me too attracted, different games to be played. But, here in the wright park there are different portions of spots here where you will not regret in the end. My favorite one, mines view which we wore the costumes of the igorots, so historic one.

page 6

Cap john hay

A place like home. This place is like more on camping, I think because of the concept, woods and furnitures made of wood. Just a place to chill with your loved ones.

page 7

Philippine Military Academy

This place is where I’m proud of. I’m proud of all the guys out here in this academy because they are really disciplined. These type of people which will become a respected man police that can serve as a role model of the other guys out here today. They are an inspiration. I salute to you guys!


Grotto, baguio.

Our last stop where there are people wants to see this lovely statue personally.


We made it! This is the place where I don’t wanna see stairs. It has many many steps to be accomplish, but this is the meaning of sacrificing something. It’s worth it actually because after that you’ll see the beautiful statue created.


There’s always a time to pray.

Before anything else, before we leave this place. When we went to place like grotto or church, a first time, we solemnly pray and wish.


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