Hello Vietnam!



I’m coming Vietnam! Freaking excited to explore again with my gorgeous mom. Just landed. More adventures is waiting.


Vietnam International Airport|2013

Got our luggage. Now, it’s time to go in our hotel to rest for awhile and put all our bags there so we can take a walk in the night.


Song Anh Hotel,Vietnam|2013

Checked in! Finally, the adventures begin.


Pho 2000

First Food adventure. We decided to eat lunch at Pho 2004 which is my mom’s favorite restaurant but it was closed in that time. It’s okay though. The plan B that we had decided, we didn’t regret it. Actually, tastes good. A very light and healthy food to eat in lunch time.


Saigon Market,Vietnam

Encountered a market which is air conditioned,it’s a first. Love their stuff here, clothes and other personal items is just perfect for women and men out there.


Starbucks, Vietnam

Having a walk trip with mom in a windy night is a perfect time. Wow! First time we saw a coffee shop here, one of my favorite coffee stop, Starbucks coffee just right for my mood.


Baby Spoon,Vietnam

Dinner time! Cozy place to eat your food. It’s better for group of friends because I their food here was so many, big servings. 🙂


Market place in Vietnam

This is a different one. A market place in Vietnam which doesn’t smell unpleasant and have no mosquitoes and fireflies.


Blue cafe,Vietnam

Munching with my beautiful mom. Even though their food is plenty, worth it. Super! In fact, they’re all healthy foods.


IMG_8589Night Market, Vietnam

I easily gets hungry every minute most especially when I’m travelling like this. I don’t know why, I find it weird though. After dinner, we went at some stores where I can buy souvenirs and there you go, found one! Cute hat that reminds me of this place.


Time to go, Bye Vietnam.

Before we leave, I requested for a groupie. The girl in the front desk,beside my mom is approachable to tourists like us and very friendly.


All my bags are packed, ready to go.

Thank you mom for a wonderful adventure!


Philippine Airlines arriving to Manila

Before we leave the plane, browsing through the magazine that has been given to us. Find this bag tag cute so I told my mom that I want one. ❤ 🙂


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