Canada,here we go!





Just wanna continue to share my adventures with my awesome people. 🙂

Our first destination is the Canada place, one of the attractions where people usually watches the Opening of Olympics or other events that must be seen. Second, the Fairmont hotel which is the exclusive one for me. It’s very classy, quiet and a relaxing place to visit. Third, there is an open beach  area here in Vancouver like a public one, called the Second beach which is located on the Stanley Park seawall.Just a simple one which you can do anything with your friends or family, like sitting in a bench feeling the fresh air or cold weather and probably just the perfect choice for the young ones nowadays, the beach itself. Fourth, we went to the totem poles and 10 different pose of statues where I find it adorable because its colorful and attractive.

After we took a lot of pictures and went to tourist spots, we got exhausted. My favorite one, food trip! We’ve been to all the Chinese Restaurants here in Vancouver. It’s kinda weird for me but it has different dishes, but it tastes good. Worth it! ♥



Surrey,British Columbia|2011

There’s always a time for someone that’s important for you. You should know your priorities. 🙂 It’s time to meet my childhood best friend who lives in Surrey now who will take me to the wonderful spots in their city. Simple hangout will do, should not that expensive.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. I was surprised because we went at the boundary going to USA. Very brilliant! There’s an easier way now to go to USA. Less hassle and unfortunately less traffic. Then, we stopped right at that point. We took some wacky pose at the Peace Arch Park.

On the next day, we went on the famous shop of motorcycles here in Surrey, the Harley Davidson Cycles. A shop which has the different sides, when and how did it started, in short the history of it,souvenirs like caps, helmet, shirts and jacket which boys are interested to and the motorcycles that was used is displayed there.



We should take into the Ferry to go here. I’m really excited to see my cousins and their friends.

When we went in their home, I immediately go straight ahead. When we’re there! It’s too quiet, like no one’s around. Someone knocked in their door and there it is. Gotcha! My cousin and her friend, it’s almost three o’ clock in the afternoon and we got nothing else to do at that moment. We went at their school in Victoria to watch my cousin’s sister play volleyball. My cousin’s sister didn’t expected it. She waved at us and looks haggard though. But, I can see the smile in her eyes that she really missed us. After that Volleyball game, we went to the mall nearby, at the downtown mall and we’re gonna go shopping! The most exciting one. After shopping, me and my brother likes ice cream we’re craving for it so we bought at the Marble Creamery. After that, we took group shots, they were actually glad to see us. It’s nice to know new people,honestly!


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